6 February 2015



Vibrantly-coloured, tart and tangy-sweet cranberries, mixed with chunky toasted nuts, tightly hugged by flaky, crisp, buttery, light, sugar-studded pastry. Meet my latest vice: Cranberry Galette. A big fan of these easy, no effort free-form galettes, this one's my new winter favourite. It's the contrast of flavours and textures, all in one incredibly effortless, fast and simple cake. Best enjoyed warm, a few minutes out of the oven, or room temperature. Accompanied by a dollop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream - I personally need nothing on the side with this one... I know it's not exactly cranberry season, but as long as I can find them in the shops, I just can't let go, and after all, somebody has to sacrifice themselves to use them up! :-) I found this recipe on Joy of Baking, but only follow it for the Cranberry Filling. The pastry recipe is the one I use for STONE-FRUIT GALETTE, based on a recipe of Alice Waters.